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10 RV Hacks That Will Make Life Simple

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10 RV hacks that will make life simple for a wonderful family experience. These hacks will give you the ability to have a full camping experience without distractions. Picture driving down the open road, viewing the sites, and spending time with the ones you love. Here is a full guide to making camping a truly enjoyable experience for you and your family. 

1.) Hide Bedding Under Pull Out Bed

Most RVs these days have a pullout bed option and if this is you then you must have a ton of unused space underneath it. This unused space is perfect for storing bedding beneath the cushions. 

2.) Using Unused Cupboards For Kids Clothing In Containers 

If you have any extra unused cupboards above kids sleeping areas or above the kitchen appliances use the cupboards for kids clothing and such. 


3.) Shoe Rack Shower Storage 

RVs often have a shortage of storage as we all know this can lead to many mishaps and dilemmas on any traveling experience. Shoe racks are always great ways to create instant organized storage space. Hang one over a shower curtain rod where you can store shampoo, conditioner, and miscellaneous shower items. 

4.) Command Hook Curtains 

Need a temporary curtain for separation and privacy? Do not want to drill damaging holes in the frame? Use command hooks to simply and efficiently hold up a curtain rod.

5.) Dry Erase Board Use

Dry erase boards are useful for planning, organization, and safety concerns. Keep one in your RV to write down the campground, address, spot number, phone number of the campground, and any other useful information.   

6.) Collapsible Garbage Can

RV’s are tight on storage space, large trashcans simply will not make the cut in typical RVs. Solve this issue with an easy to use collapsible laundry basket just pop it up and add a garbage bag.

7.) Black Out Curtain Fix

One of the best investments for RVing are blackout curtains. After a long cross-country drive or cross state drive, you need rest and the sun does not always cooperate with this need. An excellent trick is to Velcro the blackout curtains to some nice curtains of your choosing. This is the best of both worlds without the added hassle of hanging more curtain rods.


8.) Keep The Heat In

Vent cushions are plush cushions that keep your RV insulated, they are inexpensive, and work wonders for trapping heat inside. 


9.) Bubble Wrap Insulation 

For those below freezing winter months where campfires work wonders outside and inside the RV you left are chilled to the bone. Bubble wrap insulation is an easy temporary solution. Here are some easy to follow directions to set this up click here.

10.) DIY Floor Update On A Budget

No matter who you are everyone loves a hardwood floor, it is no different with a motorhome. Unlike laminate flooring, these vinyl tiles are not susceptible to water damage. Easy to cut, pre-glued, water resistant, with a hardwood like finish these are a must-have item.